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YesLawOnline Detailed Overview

YesLaw Online is a web-based synchronized video, linked exhibit and document repository service marketed to attorneys and attorney firms.  This service is exclusive to YesLaw resellers and provides a whole new way of delivering video deposition content, a new revenue opportunity, and a differentiating service.

Attorney users can view transcripts and synchronized, streamed video using only their web browser.  As with the on-disc player software, the transcript and video are shown side-by-side and clicking on a transcript line immediately plays the corresponding video.  Attorneys can enter search terms and locate instances within the transcript then play the corresponding video by clicking on the transcript line.  Users can edit clips online just as they do with the on-disc software by dragging over the corresponding transcript.  Edited clips can then be shared by including a hyperlink to the clip in an email.  Clicking on the hyperlink provides the same side-by-side transcript/video interface for the edited clip.

Documents may be viewed via a browser window regardless of whether the user has the application that originally
created the document.

Advanced text search tools allow users to search across a case full of transcripts and exhibit documents and provide Google-like search results sorted by relevancy.  A click on a search hit within a transcript allows immediate review of the synchronized video testimony.  A click on a search hit within a document allows immediate review of the document.

Online Repository Use Cases

This on-line repository can be used in a number of different ways by end users:
Each of these use cases is described below.

Case Repository Use Case
Transcripts, deposition video, and deposition exhibits will be supplied by a deposition service provider - court reporter and/or legal videographer.  Users may upload documents to the case as well including pleading documents, photographs or other case-related material.  These documents then may be viewed and downloaded by others.  Uploading documents is a secure and easy way to transfer large documents or document sets to other users across town or across the country.

Document Depository Use Case
Users may be provided on-line access to document deposits for complex litigation matters by court reporting companies through this web interface.  The reporting company provides this convenient yet secure view access as a service and may further allow you to order document sets or deposit paper or disc copies as an additional service.  To ensure the integrity of the documents, users have view-only access and cannot upload additional documents nor edit the existing documents within the document deposits.

Deposition Library Use Case
Attorney firms may wish to accumulate a library of video depositions for a series of similar cases.  On-line access allows attorneys and expert witnesses across the country with internet access and a web browser to easily view deposition transcripts, videos (including designated video clips) and exhibit documents without concern for video formats and software licenses.
The Deposition Library may also be used as a library of deposition content for internal training and reference.  Senior attorneys may direct junior attorneys to examples of how to handle difficult situations with depositions.  This library may be thought of as a “game film” library where examples of opposing counsel’s and expert’s past depositions may be reviewed in preparation for an upcoming deposition.

Training Library Use Case
Although this repository anticipates the special needs of hosting deposition content, the library may include general training material - not deposition content - including employee training content.  To maximize the use, convenience and effectiveness of the library, though, the video content should be transcribed by a court reporter and synchronized to more easily locate specific topic areas or content for review.  This enables users to do text searches to find the specific content quickly.

Firm Wiki or Forum Use Case
The on-line wiki or forum feature lends itself for users to post discussions, recent events and their legal ramifications, topic reference documents, and possible boiler-plate contract language for consultation within large firms.

Settlement or Trial Preparation Use Case
As a case develops, and depositions are taken and reviewed, users will inevitably book mark significant case material and make video clips of important video deposition responses.  Many of these video clips will be used ultimately in settlement negotiations and perhaps trial.  This website includes video clip export to trial presentation software such as Sanction to minimize rework to recreate clips within the trial software when trial becomes unavoidable.

Organization of Case Material

Case material is presented in a familiar “case tree” structure with each case a separate entry in the case tree at the highest level in the hierarchy.

Within each case or matter, material is then organized with like material.  Video and video depositions along with related material such as video deposition exhibits are located within a folder named Videos.  Transcripts (without video) are located within a folder named Transcripts.  Documents are stored in a folder named Documents.  And Discussion or Issue threads are located within the folder named Discussions / Issues.

Within the Videos folder, each video deposition is listed by deponent and deposition date.  Then within each video or video deposition, the edited video clips, exhibit documents, and transcript highlights (for issues) and bookmarks (for quick re-locating content) have their own folder.  To view a video deposition, mouse-click the video deposition and video and transcript viewer window will open.  More on the use of transcript-video viewer later.

To view only a previously edited and saved video clip, click on the video clip within the Clips folder.  Similarly to view an exhibit document, click on the exhibit document within the Exhibits folder and
a document viewer window will open.
"My Profile" window.

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